What? Me Paint? Why?

Why indeed! I decided to create a blog dedicated to nothing but tutorials. Tutorials are a great help to someone working on their hobby, and I hope this small corner of the internet becomes a source of help and inspiration to others. If you wish to contribute to this blog, email me your article/tutorial and Ill be sure to put it up and share it with the hobby community. (paintbard@hotmail.com)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tutorial - Empire Pistoliers + Army Painter by: Pr3dator

How I paint my Empire figures. By: Pr3dator @ http://admachina.wordpress.com/
I was asked if I could make a tutorial of how I use Army Painter on my figures. Here it is:
(Press the pictures to watch ‘em in bigger size!)

Tutorial - Skaven Mortar by Squeek

Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar Step-by-Step painting guide by Squeek Vermintide (@ The chattering horde)

The Poisoned Wind Mortar is another of those crazy Clan Skryre inventions that any self-respecting Warlord just has to love...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tutorial Glue Applicator by:Nesbet

Nesbet at: http://nesbetminiatures.blogspot.com/
Hi again. This time I've decided not to post "another" WIP. I was the kind of hobbyst who worked endlessly until the project was finished before starting another. Now I realized that I've got:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Skaven Grey Seer Tutorial by:Squeek

By Squeek Vermintide @ http://chatteringhorde.blogspot.com/

Grey Seer Stage-by-Stage Painting Guide

Having completed my first Grey Seer, I posted a few pictures, but wanted to put up a stage-by-stage guide that I hope other new Skaven players will find useful. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of all the stages (one example being after layers but before washes...) but I think you'll get the general idea!

So here we go...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greenstuff Flagstone Tutorial by: Kuffeh

This tutorial is for the making of flagstone style bases by using a green stuff stamp.  This is a simple, but can be a slightly lengthy method of doing this.  However, once the stamp(s) are made the ability to make bases is quite swift.  You just follow the last two or three steps. A tutorial by : Kuffeh

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bone Armour Tutorial by:Elazar The Glorified

A tutorial by Elazar the Glorified
How To Paint A Devotee - Bone Armour Tutorial

I was asked on Warseer to do a step-by-step of how I paint the bone coloured armour on my Warriors of Chaos. I wasn't going to post it on here but then I thought it could be quite handy for others, it doesn't have to be for WoC. With the multitude of 40k painters out there (I think most of my blog followers are 40k gamers first and foremost) it might be of use. Maybe for a darker, grittier Deathwing etc. I originally intended the colour scheme for Chaos Space Marines way back when and still think it'd look awesome on them.

Dwarf beard Tutorial by:Kuffeh

Blonde Hair By Kuffeh at The Grumpy Stunty or The Trading Post
Being a dwarf player, blonde is often a colour I want interspersing my units and characters but it can be hard to paint a convincing blonde. I have come up with a method that works rather well.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Building a paint rack Tutorial by:Nesbet

Monday, November 8th, 2010  Nesbet miniatures

Let me show you the device that will hold all my paints (hopefully, soon) wich I had begin building last week:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Skaven painting tutorial ~ Plague Monks by:Blackbard

Earlier this week I saw someones conversion efforts in making their plague monks unique and interesting. Of all the current skaven models, I dislike the plague monks the most. They are flat, boring models. I had debated on how to paint the models so they would look better than they otherwise would, but compared to the plague furnace monks they just stink. Anyway, rambling aside, this poster had created several fantastic looking monks by using the undead ghoul torso. I had to try this.

Skaven painting Tutorial ~ Clanrats by:Blackbard

My Skaven have become a craze for me lately. I have not only enjoyed painting them, but feel that they are looking remarkably good for the number of shortcuts I have introduced into the normally time consuming method I use. To this end I have made a